Creating healthy hooves for a healthy life is our company’s mantra. We are dedicated to preventing horse lameness, to provide comfort and support to horses who are presently lame, to correct hoof distortions that lead to and cause lameness, and to educate our clients on the healthy, functional hoof.

For example, one client contacted us and stated that she was unable to ride her 13-year-old trail horse. She further went on to describe that the horse stumbles while under saddle. The owner no longer felt safe riding her horse.

Is this a neurological issue or a hoof related imbalance? Neurological studies are very expensive and out of financial reach for most horse owners. We were contacted to assess the horse. We found that all four hooves were out-of-balance (i.e. hoof distortions were not taken care of properly). Iron Horse Hoof care, LLC was able to reconize and correct those hoof distortion and restored balance and function to the horses feet with just one shoeing. The owner is now able to enjoy her horse and feel safe on the trail without fear of her horse stumbling and falling down. See photos below, all of them are of the right front hoof.

Stumbling, forging and interfering are all man-made and can easily be prevented and corrected through regular hoof maintenance by Iron Horse Hoof Care, LLC. We look forward to hearing from you.


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